As a valued member, Bio-Sunn will work with you for top quality results....from seed to sale!

Our goal is to train our growers to be the best CBD Industrial hemp producers in the Country!  Each member will go through certification classes to learn all the aspects needed to have a top quality product at harvest time.  From field prep to crop maintenance to harvest, we will educate and monitor our certified growers throughout the growing season.

becoming a bio-sunn certified grower

WIHGA has partnered with BIO-SUNN on a certification class.  You will be required to attend the class to learn about field prep, planting, crop monitoring, maintenance and harvesting.  Once you've attended the course you will be given a 2-year growers' contract with BIO-SUNN.

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as a member certified grower you have a market

As a certified BIO-SUNN grower, you have piece of mind knowing that your 2-year growers' contract guarantees you a market for your crop.  You still have to follow all the guidelines & regulations, per DATCP policy and outlined in the certification class, as part of your contract with WIHGA & BIO-SUNN.

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work with you throughout your growing season

BIO-SUNN's field agents will work with farmers from field preparation, to planting, to crop monitoring and maintenance to harvest.  We will guide you through all the DATCP regulations.  WIHGA & BIO-SUNN's goal is to have our growers offer the highest quality CBD Oil as possible at processing time.

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As a valued member of the WIHGA, you will also be qualified for other programs, incentives and benefits outlined by WIHGA on an ongoing basis.  Our goal in the future is to offer seed purchasing payment programs, crop insurance plans and other benefits needed by our valued industrial hemp growers across Wisconsin!