About Us...

The Wisconsin Industrial Hemp Growers Association is a nonprofit corporation providing assistance, information, and resources to members producing or selling industrial hemp/hemp for cannabidiol extraction.

Hemp has recently become popular again after many years of demonizing it by being linked to marijuana (cannabis).

Now that businesses, citizens, and other groups are better educated concerning the important differences between hemp and marijuana, hemp based products are becoming popular.

It may come as a surprise to some that hemp has a long history in America.  In the 1600's, because hemp was such an important resource, it was illegal  not to grow hemp in Virginia, Massachusetts and Connecticut. During the 1700’s, various programs were started in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and North & South Carolina to encourage hemp cultivation and the manufacturing of cordage and canvas.

The Wisconsin hemp industry began in 1908, when nine acres were grown in Mendota and Waupun.

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By 1915, 400 acres were grown and by 1917 that total had risen to 7,000 acres.  The leading hemp producing counties in Wisconsin in 1918 were Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Dodge and Racine.  At one time in the 1940's as war times were at an all-time high there were 43 hemp mills located in Wisconsin alone.  Our State was recognized as one of the highest quality hemp producers in the entire country!

Industrial hemp is the "comeback crop" in Wisconsin and the WIHGA will be there to lead the charge in every way possible!